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Custom Glass Bottle Manufacturer Help You Wash The Bottles


Usually,somebody ask us how to wash the bottles,so we want to summarize the tips to help more people. Now,we custom glass bottle manufacturer will show you the tips. No matter the irregularly-shaped bottles or common bottles,the tips are all useful.


At first,fill your bottle less than ¼ full with gravel or rice. If you choose rice, use raw, uncooked rice. Then add three or four drops of dish soap.
Secondly,add water. Fill the rest of the bottle, nearly the top, with water. Hot water works best for removing sticky residue.
The third,vigorously shake in every direction; back and forth as well as sideways.Be sure to cover the opening of the bottle with your finger or hand so the solution doesn't spill out.
Next, rinse thoroughly. Fill the bottle with clean water and dump it out. Repeat several times. Rinse the mouth of the bottle, paying special attention to the threads.
Last but not least,you need to dry the bottle. And air-drying is likely the easiest way to do this.
These are the suggestions made by the custom glass bottle manufacturer.I hope they are useful to you.