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  • Name: Hawaii
  • Production process:The translucent blue bottle is shaped like the hand-blown glass fishing net floats first used by Norwegian fishermen in the mid 1800s. Demonstrating the global environmental significance of the brand, the neck of the bottle is angled to mimic the Earth’s axis. Extra glass sediment is added perpendicular and at the bottom of the package to ensure the freshly molded, angled bottle stands upright as it cools on the conveyor belt.
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    Three Advantages
    Customized design to make your product standingout.
    Our knowledge on wide range of material selection as well as process selection to get desired look and finish
    Quality efficiency
    Consistent quality control with best possible delivery
    Custom Bottle Design
    1.1 Our designer asks questions to the client who has some concept/idea in mind => Sketch on a piece of paper
    1.2 Our designer turns the sketch into 3D model/rendering combined with decoration like coating/frosting/decal/silk screen print/label as well as
    closure type depending on if it is cork finish/thread finish/swing top finish.
    1.3 To get 2D production drawing extracted from 3D rendering ready for sampling
    1.4 Once sampling is approved, then go for production mold and bottle mass production
    Glass Bottle Manufacturing Process
    2.1 Composition of glass
    2.2 Fusion of raw material
    2.3 Molding of glass containers
    2.4 The re-firing and treatment of the glass surface
    2.5 Inspection and quality control
    2.6 Packaging
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