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About Us

HY Phoenix is custom packaging service provider from China. As a company with years of experience, in order to adapt to new market needs, we actively search for new ceramic, plastic and glass manufacturing sources not only from China but in other part of the world to keep abreast of newest technologies. You can find our bottle creations in pharmaceutical, fragrance, cosmetic, personal care and food and beverage industries. 

We always find best suppliers among our supplier lists to fit your project in terms of material, quality, lead time and cost.  

HY Phoenix has a group of engineers, who offer you series of creative design from sketches, styling to final proposal with 2d and 3d rendering. Our designer will not limit your imagination only on catalogue or stocked molds, we always find a balance point between your imagination, creativity and budgets to what we could create or supply you. 

HY Phoenix's target is to bridge the gap between customer's concept in mind and design proposal in 2d or 3d rendering and the manufacturing process. 

HY Phoenix's suppliers are widely spread in Shandong, Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangdong etc, where are the most strong in glass manufacturing process. We also work with suppliers & decorators from France, Germany, US, Mexico for certain specific projects. 

HY Phoenix's product covers bottles like 750ml vodka glass bottle, Rum, Tequila, Sparkling Water, 750ml liquor glass bottle,Margaret, Cognac X.O., Wine, Olive Oil, Beer, Shot Glass, Cosmetics, Fragrance, Essential Oil, Pharmaceutical. Our product are mostly export to ASEAN ZONE (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand), Europe (Germany, France, Netherland, Belgium) etc, North America (Canada, US), South America (Brazil). Our client are mostly liquor/spirit brand owner, filler or distillery. We provide in time and efficient one-stop custom packaging solution, allowing clients to take the advantage of time saving and efficient communication. 

HY Phoenix's headquarter is Phoenix Packaging International Corporation (www.phoenixpackaging.com), which is a company located in Montreal, Canada with 32 years of experience and expertise in providing you packaging solution, custom design and distribution sales. Thanks to the support of Phoenix Packaging, HY Phoenix could provide you best in time service under the same time zones during working hours in Noth America as well as warehousing service.

HY Phoenix realizes the importance of being a creative bottle designer is being able to provide decorated bottles, this could enhance and add value to each and every product. Most of our partnering suppliers are with their own decoration facility, we also work with independent decorators for certain projects. We offer decoration like frosting (acid bath), decal application, silk screen print, coating, galvanization etc. 

HY Phoenix offers you custom mold, we have potential unlimited capability in making you proposal to get whatever shape you would like to achieve in glass, ceramics, and plastics. We promise you that your custom mold is solely for your own use. 

HY Phoenix also offers ranges of corks and caps fit with specific neck finish or standard GPI neck finish like Aluminum/Plastic integrated caps, temper evident caps, aluminum caps, wood caps, synthetic caps etc. 

HY Phoenix has worked long and hard to help our clients achieve their goals. We work to promote creativity and uniqueness in the market. Our goal is to help our clients achieve success by realizing their vision of the perfect package for their products. We help to add value to their products and produce memorable unique packaging. Working under an open door policy based on honesty and integrity we strive to serve our customer needs.