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How to Control the Chromatic Aberration of Screen Printing


How to control the chromatic aberration of screen printing on bottle

There have two scenarios:

1.The bottle have a base color where the screen printing on, pay attention to the color overlay effect of the base color and the main color.

2. No background color on bottle, pay attention to ink perspective.

The orther scenarios is the deployment of ink effect determines the display color.

As usual, silk-screen printing ink is mostly spot color, so deployment will do a certain contrast test, if the test conditions is different with your substrate (glass) , there may be some differences. Therefore,it is important to unify the test conditions with ink deployment .

When silk screen on glass bottle, the glass is not as flat as people think, and the surface smooth and transparent, color depth is not easy to see immediately, such as dry has been unable to remedy, then need be washed with solvent to reprint.

When screen printing glass, must check the screen, pad flatness, and screen and the printing object (in this case glass) gap distance, different patterns/or different ink (such as white) the distance is not the same. Try printing a few and adjust to your satisfaction. This will help you avoid the problems you may encounter.