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The key point of the glass bottle design


    With the development of society and the change of people's consumption concept, there are more and more kinds of glass bottles, and the styles of glass bottles in the market are full of beautiful things, so the design of glass bottles is becoming more and more important.In addition to the production of glass bottles to pay attention to quality, but also should pay attention to what aspects of the development of the following by HY phoenix packaging with you to understand.

    Products in the design process, in addition to beauty, but also to consider the production process.Glass bottle production is the use of mold glass solution for shaping.If the product design is too complex, it will greatly increase the production difficulty of the product.First, the mold production is more difficult, second, in the process of dropping material is easy to cause product deformation or fragmentation, reduce the rate of finished products, improve the production cost, increase the difficulty of production, not easy to produce.The production design of glass bottle should ensure practicability: besides the beautiful appearance, the practicability of the product is important in the design of glass bottle.Decoration is only a part of the function of the product, dressing is the basic function.Nowadays, more and more glass bottle products in the market pursue the beautiful and beautiful appearance, while the complicated design effect ignores the basic practicability. This kind of design is wrong, never forget the original intention, but always get, the production starts from the fundamental, based on practicality.

    Appearance is glass bottle in many similar products rely on, so in the process of product design, firmly grasp the design idea, guarantee the mass produce a product not only conform to the aesthetic idea and temperament and conforms to the trend of The Times, the glass bottle is accord with the product of social and market demand.