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Several common methods of glass polishing


    Glass polishing refers to the removal of lines, scratches and other defects on the surface of glass by chemical or physical methods, to improve the transparency and refractive index of glass, so that the glass is more glassy.

    Method 1: polishing powder + polishing brush, the use of polishing powder and polishing brush on the glass surface of high-speed friction, remove scratches and burrs, can maximize the glass transmittance and refraction effect.This polishing method grinding speed, no scars, no light path, suitable for most glass products.At the same time, polishing powder and polishing brush adhesion is strong, easy to clean, grinding process is not easy to settle, no pollution of the environment, no odor, not afraid of moisture, long-term storage does not deteriorate.


    Method two: fire polishing, the use of flame to soften the glass surface and the impact of firepower on the glass, can solve the material pattern on the surface of glass products, but the smoothness of the glass surface will be reduced after treatment.When the mouth of hollow glass is rough after cutting, this method can be used for grinding. This polishing method is also used for grinding sodium calcium glass and high trampoline glass, but it is difficult to operate, and a little negligence will easily cause glass explosion.


    Method three: acid polishing, with acid material for surface treatment of the glass, but because the smoothness of the glass is difficult to control, the grinding method may not be able to completely remove the texture of the glass, coupled with the corrosion of acid material, to a certain extent, the loss of glass products while the diamond will also reduce the thickness of the glass.