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Why Aluminum Bottles?


HY-Phoenix Packaging to bring premium and customizable aluminum bottles to market. We are offering craft beverage makers the ability to differentiate, promote and propel their brands.
Consumers value better taste and overall drinking experience through a few key indicators: variety, quality, flavor and freshness. Aluminum bottles meet all these needs and more. Not only does aluminum protect the quality of the product, but it is also more convenient for outdoor occasions, on-the-go consumption, and is 100% recyclable.

The design, shape, and graphics of aluminum bottles make the package stand out on the shelf. It has proven to drive sales with both female and millennial consumers. Research also indicates that consumers feel more connected when they know a brand’s story. Aluminum bottles offer ample space to tell your story, and the amazing graphic capabilities will make it pop! Aluminum bottles also offer a high-end look which allows you to price your product higher.