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How to Improve the Appearance of Glass Bottles


Effective printing technology to improve the appearance of glass bottles

In the competition between plastic bottle and glass bottle, because plastic bottle can rely on the process of labeling and decal on the exterior bottle body, win the favor of many consumers.

Nowadays,technology continues to advance, glass bottles can also be painted, frosted and baked flower techniques to the customer's design, logo printed on the glass bottle body. Because of the transparency and smoothness of the glass bottle, it is easy to slip through the label and does not have a good feel. However, decal and spray painting are different. The labels will not only be preserved in the glass bottle for a long time, but also have better aesthetics for the bottle.

Glass bottle manufacturers can also promote their products in this way. To print their own brand on the bottle body, in the invisible is to improve the visibility of the product.

Glass bottles are no less popular in the packaging industry than plastic bottles, and are growing. It will be the focus of future glass bottle enterprises to improve the appearance of glass bottle.