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How Are the Colorful Glass Bottles Made


How Are the Colorful Glass Bottles Made

Glass bottle world is a wonderful world, all this starts from the colorful glass bottle. We can see that spirits bottles are transparent and colorless, beer bottles are green, brown and amber.Red wine bottles, fine oil bottles and olive oil bottles are dark color.


These colorful glass bottles not only enrich the packaging market, but also meet the special needs of different products for packaging. Dark color glass bottles, for example, can be used to protection products from light such as wine, olive oil and essential oils. Glass bottles also have an advantage over other packaging materials in the market due to their rich and diverse appearance. So, a lot of people may have a question, how do you make these colors in glass bottles? I believe there are many people interested in understanding. In fact, glass glass is often colored by adding a certain percentage of manganese dioxide to the glass slurry.


Different proportions of manganese dioxide, will appear different colors of glass bottles. Glass contains different metallic compounds that can be "stained" with various colors. Add cuprous oxide and you get red glass. Yellow and purple make white, and the glass becomes colorless and transparent. Manganese dioxide is the oxidizing agent, it oxidizes the green ferric ions to yellow ferric ions, manganese becomes purple ferric ions.