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Routine epidemic prevention: no-wash germicidal gel and no-wash germicidal spray


    In addition to "staying at home, going out less, gathering in the clouds, washing hands 

frequently and wearing masks outside", daily disinfection is also the focus of the epidemic.


    Phoenix packaging strives to repay and help the majority of customers to fight against 

the epidemic, in this blockbuster launch of no-wash antibacterial gel and no-wash multi-

purpose bactericidal spray.

    Disposable antibacterial gel with ethanol as the main effective components, ethanol 

content is about 75%, mainly is suitable for the hand disinfection, it can be better in clean 

decontamination and sterilization, to wash their hands after equivalent to give hands with 

a invisible shield, can effectively remove the external environment of germs, quick kill 99.99%

of germs and to reduce the chances of infection, reduce the risk of cross infection virus.


    No-wash multi-purpose bactericidal spray can be used for household protection, office 

appliances, public facilities contact cleaning and disinfection, can quickly kill 99.99% of 

pathogenic bacteria, bactericidal effect reached the national standard.



    Here, HY phoenix warmly reminds everyone: during the outbreak, wash your hands 

frequently and wear a good mask, and try to reduce going to public places, especially 

avoid going to crowded and airless places.