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How do defects occur in medicinal glass bottles?


    In the process of producing medicinal glass bottles, we will find that some of them are adulterated with something impure, which should be removed as defective.So how are defective products made?


    The medicinal glass bottle is also a kind of medical packaging made of glass raw materials. The color of the medicinal glass bottle is brown and bright. The glass is a kind of semi-solid and semi-liquid substance.

    In the melting is to constitute a continuous network structure, the cooling process gradually increase viscosity and hardening and crystallization of silicate non-metallic materials, in the process of making medical glass bottles because the stone and the components in the surrounding glass liquid in a long time under the effect of high temperature, will constitute the medical glass bottles of stone status.

    And the heterogeneous glass liquid in the morning under the effect of liquid flow and in the mixing process was dispersed and dispersed homogenization and the composition of fine strip, constitute the occurrence of glass glass streaking, there is no homogenization in the glass liquid, high viscosity, large surface tension glass bottles in the process of blowing formed.

    With the progress of technology, this kind of problem is just an isolated phenomenon. In order to ensure the quality, glass bottle manufacturers should strictly inspect the medicinal glass bottles before packing and eliminate the unqualified ones.