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Quality of glass bottles in production


    The first glass bottle surface quality: downward into the material color, finish, transparency;The top element is the glass bottle material color, according to the regional specification: white material, high white material, white material three levels;The same material color is the glass bottle finish, transparency, a good bottle appearance should be no impurities, bubbles, no cold spot, stick bottle, no wrinkle skin, no putty, etc.


    Another point to note is that the bottle body "double seam line ", a single glass bottle manufacturers quality requirements are not strict, often show the joint line and double seam line phenomenon;Finally, when you look at the bottle directly, the clarity and permeability of the big glass bottle are better, and the small glass bottle cannot have the special halo ripple.

    Secondly, the connotation quality of glass bottles: more subdivision, glass bottle strength, temperature difference between rapid cooling and rapid heating, bottle body straightness, bottle body thickness, bottle body without deformation, slanting neck, bottle mouth flatness and roundness, no cold deep hole, no pyramex drum broken wire, no diameter tumor inside the bottle mouth.


    As a result, the appearance of the bottle can not be filled or sealed by machine.The reason is the mold element, the production machine is fast, the bottle clamp is not matching and so on.