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A method to improve the surface hardness and toughness of glass bottles


    Watch a glass bottle, the first is the glass bright degree, glass bright can give customers a clean image on the vision, the hardness of glass quality to strengthen the customer's mind, many manufacturers to improve the quality of the glass container through the cold and hot spraying, heated the glass outer wall and inner wall filling powder to add container hardness, here are another way.


    Another method is to reduce the occurrence of cracks in the glass bottles by powder injection treatment on the outside and inside, so as to enhance the hardness of the glass bottles and improve the quality of the products.

    The method works by injecting a multi-particle ammonium sulfate powder into the bottle as it leaves the molding mold of the bottle-making machine, and then sending the bottle to an annealing furnace.This kind of active powder feeder is equipped with hopper, material storage pipe and feeding nozzle, and the piston rod with feed hole is selected with repeatable horizontal sliding.The powder in the storage tube is quantitatively fed into the feeding nozzle and dropped into the glass bottle.This process because the powder can be evenly distributed in the glass bottle, so the bottom of the bottle evenly absorb heat, reduce the occurrence of cracks, improve the quality of treatment, and then through the second return of glass container will rarely occur cracks, hardness and output value can be added accordingly.