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The complex production process of glass bottles


    The production process of glass wine bottle is more complex, and there are colorful pictures of the wine bottle process will be more complicated.Before the production of fine glass bottles, is a pile of quartz sand, soda ash, limestone, borax and other ore.Glass bottles are made by making fine molds, which are heated by a chemical reaction. The resulting bottles are cooled, and the crystal bottles can be seen.



    Hy phoenix fixed the glass bottles on the assembly line to clean them, so that the glass wine would not become dirty and the ink would not adhere to them.Workers work in 40-degree workshops and can only use high-powered fans to blow air.Why not install air conditioners to improve the workers' environment?Because this workshop cannot seal, the ink taste is very big.Modern assembly line equipment ensures uniform spraying and bright coloring.


    A factory, to count the spray room dirty.After finishing spraying in the spraying room, it is put into the low-temperature furnace for baking.When the baking is over, wait for the next step, such as decals.Decals are made of paper, and in the paper room the beautiful markings on all wine bottles come from this process.

    At hy phoenix each piece of paper requires a worker's skill to ensure that the decanter paper can be accurately attached to different parts of the bottle.Stick the bottle of good flower paper, wait for low temperature furnace too warm, again pass this to bake flower furnace, beautiful handicraft can pack.