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What calls laminated glass light measure bottle?


What calls laminated glass light measure bottle.Have you ever heard of a light weight glass jar?There are still no uniform international requirements and specifications for light measuring bottles,Today I'm going to tell you about it.


At the present stage, there are still no uniform international requirements and specifications for light measuring bottles.Definition of '0.44× bottle weight' light measuring bottle: light measure L= full mouth volume (0.810) divided by 0.44X bottle weight."Daily glass industry qualification requirements" to stimulate the development trend of glass bottles and cans commodity requirements of light weight glass bottles and cans light measurement is not more than 1.0. The above formula calculation is clearly put forward on the international trade competition, the world is not the same as the country, the index value of the volume is some differences.The light weight of environmental protection packaging means that under the standard of ensuring a certain compressive strength, reduce the weight to capacity ratio of glass bottles, aiming to improve its emerald green and rationality.

The ratio of the weight of laminated glass is the ratio between the net weight of the bottle and the volume, that is, the weight of the bottle of the enterprise volume, that is, the volume of laminated glass commonly used in the enterprise volume of the bottle.The weight capacity ratio is the limit of the quality size of glass bottles and canisters with the same capacity. The weight capacity ratio is different according to the volume of bottles and the main USES. The weight capacity ratio of light measuring bottles is generally between 0.15 and 0.8.In addition, the smaller the bottle, the larger the weight ratio.The weight ratio of the light measuring bottle is small, and the relative thin weight of the bottle wall is lighter.The average thickness of light measuring bottle is 1.0 ~ 2. Mm, mainly used as disposable bottle.