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Recycling Glass Bottles


    Many applications of glass bottles greatly facilitate People's Daily needs and create business opportunities for bottle makers.However, the ensuing waste of resources can not be avoided, so the problem of resource recycling is more critical.

    According to research, the kinetic energy saved from recycling one glass bottle can keep a 100-watt light bulb burning for four hours, a computer running for 30 minutes and 20 minutes of TV.The production of one liquor bottle not only consumes raw materials, but also consumes electric energy such as coal, which can not only save ecological resources such as crushed stone and lime powder, but also reduce the investment of capital.

    Besides saving ecological resources, it also protects the ecological environment.The waste glass products that are thrown into the garbage can must take a million years or more to be dissolved and digested by nature, which is very easy to lead to pollution, making the environmental pollution problem more and more serious.

    It is not difficult to see that recycling of glass bottles in line with the sustainable development strategy.It can protect the environment as well as save energy.