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How does the gravelly texture of a glass bottle come about?



    The glass bottle body has uneven gravel feeling, this phenomenon occurs because the mold to clean, some impurities mixed into the melt, resulting in the bottle body contains small protrusions, affecting the smoothness;On the other hand, the raw materials of the product are not pure or cannot be completely melted, which results in the granular nature of the glass solution and affects the smoothness of the bottle.The solution to this phenomenon is to select the raw materials and clean the molds, and ensure the raw materials have enough melting time.

    Another reason is that the bottle thickness caused by uneven, the reasons for this situation is in the process of dropping material failed to grasp the dripping speed, temperature and time to cooperate, gob is too long, or is expected to slow, temperature difference can cause the bottle of spots, cause the bottle thickness, affect the appearance and use.To avoid the occurrence of this situation, we must do a good job of temperature control, ensure the normal work of the drip equipment, and do a good job of time to cooperate, in order to produce a bottle smooth products.

    This test factory production equipment and professional operation technology, Hy Phoenix packaging can meet your pursuit of high quality.