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Type of glass bottle mouth


    The common design of bottle mouth has three forms: crown, plug seal and threaded bottle mouth.From the point of view of design requirements, the glass bottle mouth should not only meet the requirements of filling, dumping and access of the contents, but also meet the requirements of sealing the container.


Crown cork finish

    (1) Small crown mouth diameter, suitable for liquor, beer, beverage and liquid seasoning glass bottles.The neck connection diameter is the upper size of the bottleneck. Meanwhile, in order to make the bottleneck smooth transition to the shoulder and increase the strength of the bottle body, the standard stipulates that the outer diameter of the key size of the bottleneck shall not be greater than 32mm and the tilt Angle shall not be less than 45 degrees.


Cork bottle    

    (2) Sealing the bottle mouth is to press the bottle stopper with certain tightness into the bottle mouth and fix and seal the bottle mouth by extrusion and friction between the bottle stopper and the inner surface of the bottle mouth. The sealing is only applicable to cylindrical bottle mouth. The inner diameter of the bottle mouth should be straight cylinder with sufficient binding length.This mouth is often used in fine wine glass bottles.The stopper used to seal the bottle mouth is cork, plastic stopper, etc.


Screw bottle

    (3) Thread bottle mouth can be divided into single-head thread bottle mouth, multi-head discontinuous thread bottle mouth and anti-theft thread bottle mouth according to the use requirements.Due to the nature of the glass and its forming mode, the screw shape of the glass bottle mouth is mostly round, with larger pitch, fewer buttons, faster opening and sealing speed.