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Design of glass bottle forming mould


    The mold is an important tool for forming glass bottles. As it is in contact with the surface of the glass bottle, the shape and finish of the inner surface of the mold are transferred directly to the outer surface of the glass bottle.Therefore, the mold has a very important role in shaping the quality of glass bottles.It is difficult and crucial to design the initial mold of the complex shaped special-shaped bottle, which should be determined by experience, according to the parameter calculation method accumulated over many years, and then by referring to the shape approximation product.


    Heat dissipation of special-shaped bottle mold is very important. Attention should be paid in design. Improper heat dissipation will affect the uniformity of bottle wall.If the cross section of the bottle is flat square, the heat dissipation on the wide surface is slow, heat dissipation fins should be added to this part to make the heat dissipation around it even.Due to the small shape and complex shape of the small-sized special-shaped bottle mold, prerepair welding technology is not applied to the edges, but spray repair welding technology is used to repair the edges after wear.