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Glass bottle spray flower can be divided into bright and dark flowers


    Flower spray can be artificial and electronic flower spray two kinds.

    According to the order of spray flower and spray primer is divided into spray bright flower and dark flower two, bright flower namely first spray primer, primer after drying spray;The dark flower is first in the metal shell body (body) on the spray pattern, and then spraying amino transparent color paint, after drying can appear first ejected the pattern.If the two forms are combined, the art of the shell (body) pattern can be improved.

    In order to increase the luster of spray paint film, improve the decorative effect, spray on the shell body after spray (body) a layer of good gloss, hardness of transparent paint film, namely, "cover light", so that the metal shell body (body) after spraying primer, spray and cover light after three procedures, the whole process of spray paint is completed.The process of "binghua" is the recrystallization process of the tin layer on the surface of the tin plate shell.The pattern that forms is beautiful, change is multiterminal, resemble the pattern that winter glass window freezes, rich stereo feeling, reason says "ice flower".

    In order to avoid the tin grain by oxygen and water vapor erosion and loss of luster, its surface should be sprayed with color transparent amino baking paint to protect.The finished shell (shell) and various bottle shell parts and bottle bladder are assembled to form the finished product of the vacuum flask. Besides the metal shell, plastic is also the shell material used more for the vacuum flask.Plastic molding processing methods are more, there are pressing molding, injection molding, extrusion molding, calendering molding and vacuum molding.In the manufacture of thermos shell parts, extrusion and injection molding are commonly used, which are carried out by the corresponding extrusion and injection molding machines.