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The Benefits of Glass Bottles



Glass is the oldest material, glass bottle is in ordinary silicate glass raw materials (S1O2,Na2O,CaO) add no clear agent, glass bottle colorant or colorant, after high temperature melting ((1 400℃ or so), forming, annealing, surface treatment, inspection and become. Since the birth of milk bottle in 1884, glass bottles have been used as liquid food packaging containers for more than 100 years. The main advantages of glass bottles as beverage containers are as follows.

Good transparency 

Although glass bottles have a variety of colors, such as bluish, green and dark green, most drink bottles are colorless and transparent. You can see inside to observe the filling volume, the content to determine the tone, the size and dispersion of the pulp, and whether the drink is layered or precipitated. Easy for consumers to choose, safe drinking.


Good chemical stability 

The dissolution of container materials by beverage corrosion is directly related to the safety of food, so many countries attach great importance to it. When glass bottles are used as packaging containers for fruit and vegetable juices or other beverages, there is almost no dissolution from the container materials. Compared with other containers, glass bottles have good chemical stability and durability. This is where glass bottles have an advantage over other beverage containers.


Good sealing   

Whether it's a pressurized carbonated drink or a vacuumed vaccine drink, the glass bottle is completely sealed. Unlike some plastic and paper containers, glass containers are not aerated, so they can prevent the effects of outside air on the drink, such as vitamin C depletion and flavor deterioration.


Strong pressure resistance 

The relationship between the strength of the glass bottle and the chemical composition of the glass is negligible, but the condition of the surface of the glass bottle is closely related to its tensile properties. Glass surface scratches or bumps, even very slight damage, the strength will be reduced to a greater extent, but for carbonated drinks, the general pressure into the gas is able to bear.

Variety of shapes

According to the beverage type, whether there is gas, sterilization or not, the glass bottle can be designed into a variety of shapes suitable for marketing, you can freely choose its address and seal form.

Wide range of use

Glass bottles are widely used and have good adaptability to the contents.