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Matching Neck Finishes


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Looking for Matching Items

So, you have found the perfect container for your product (congratulations on that!), and now you just need a lid to fit it. Or maybe you found a lid you love and need a matching container. Either way, you'll need the right information and tools if you are to successfully play matchmaker to these packaging pieces and create a functional pairing. Whether you are trying to complete an order or just find a lid for your personal collection, we’ve got you covered! In this article, you will learn how to accurately match containers and closures found on containerandpackaging.com or elsewhere. 

Matching Items on Our Website

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The first and easiest option is to simply browse our Matching Items sections for the container in question. If you have ordered your item from Container and Packaging, this will be the simplest option. 

Step one: Find and click on the container or closure you have/ want to match. This will take you to that specific product's Item Page.

Step two: Once on the item page, scroll down just a bit and find the section titled Matching Items (it should look like the example above). From here, you can access the lids or other items that match your container or closure. To make browsing easy, you can use the Matching Items search bar to narrow down the specifics of your search. For example, you can type keywords such as white, black, metal, pressure-sensitive, etc. to help filter through the matching items options.

If the item is not on our website, you will need to find out your item's neck finish before you can know which lids will fit it properly. 

What is a Neck Finish?  
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Neck Finish refers to the opening of a container and is defined by the opening’s diameter, height, and thread style. Identifying each of these elements can be a little tricky, as there are several lid sizes and thread styles. However, it is important that a neck finish is correctly identified, as the features that define a container’s neck must also match those of the corresponding lid. For example, a bottle with a 20-400 neck finish will match a 20-400 style lid. Confused about what these numbers mean? No worries, we can explain! 

When shopping for containers and lids, you have likely noticed a clustering of cryptic numbers in the item descriptions. Some examples of this numbering system include 24-410, 18-400, 57-TW, and several others. Each of these number and letter combinations is part of the numbering system used to identify neck finishes. The first set of digits represents the diameter in millimeters and the second set of digits represents the thread style and height. For example, in a 24-410 neck finish, the number 24 represents a diameter of 24mm and the number 410 represents that the threads wrap around the neck 1.5 times. 

Continuous Thread and Lug/Twist Lids

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There are two common categories for thread styles: continuous thread (CT) and lug or twist (TW). A continuous thread lid, better known as the “screw-on” or “twist-on” lid, has one long continuous thread around the opening (think of a peanut butter jar or a juice bottle). A lug finish, on the other hand, has multiple short threads that only go around the container partially, and they only require about a quarter of a turn to open and close them. These threads have a latch feature to help hold the lid and container together even when under pressure (think of glass pickle jars and jam jars). While a lug lid’s neck finish is usually marked with “TW”, a continuous thread finish will be marked with a number that describes the characteristics of the thread.  

Measuring the Neck Finish

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Now that we have covered the basics, it is time to start measuring neck finishes. First, measure the diameter of the closure and of the container. Then identify the thread count and style.    

To measure the diameter of your container, measure from the outside thread of the container opening to the other side, straight through the middle and including the width of the threads. When measuring the lid, your measurement should be from inner wall to inner wall (not the outside of the lid). Please refer to the picture above for help. 

Finding the diameter for the neck of your container is similar. You will measure from outermost thread to outermost thread, straight through the middle. Remember to not just measure the diameter of the container’s opening but to include the threads also (this can sometimes take a bit of eyeballing).  

Whether you are measuring the lid or the container, the resulting measurement must be in millimeters, and this will be the FIRST number in your “Neck Finish”.

(If you do not have a good way to measure, you can download and print the attached Neck Finish Measurement tool. Print this at 100% scale, cut it out on the red outline, and tape the two halves together. Enjoy!).  

Identifying the Style and Threads

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Next, take note of the thread style and how many times the threads pass one another to determine the last number (or letters) in your “Neck finish.”

Example one: 24mm measurement of the lid and container and 1.5 thread turn, equals 24-410 Neck Finish

Example two: 70mm measurement of the lid and container with a LUG turn (.25 of a full turn), equals 70TW Neck Finish

Below is a list of the common neck finish threading styles.  

1 thread turn = 400

1.5 thread turn = 410

2 thread turns (Tall) = 415

2 thread turns (Narrow) = 425

Thick threads/buttress finish = 430

Lug/Twist finish = 2,000 (not continuous thread)


Once you have gathered the neck finish measurements and identified the thread style, you will be ready to start shopping for the perfect fit! As you shop, take advantage of our sample program – which allows you to order up to 10 different lids or containers for testing. Good ideas need good packaging, and good packaging starts with finding the perfect fit for your containers and closures. We’re excited for your product packaging to come to fruition, and we are here to help. If you have questions or concerns, please give our Customer Care Team a call, we’re happy to discuss options and help assist you in taking this next step in your packaging journey!