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2023 Packaging Decoration Trends.


The need to impress through packaging design is more prevalent than ever. In one UK study, 73% of interviewed consumers said they rely on packaging to aid their decisionmaking process at the point of purchase. Not to mention, as legislation and newly refined sustainable ethos’ begin to promote the removal of secondary packaging in a bid to reduce waste, brands are increasingly using bottle decoration to deliver premium cues. But how do you create an eye-catching bottle? One that will have your product flying off the shelves? You obviously need to start with a stunning glass bottle, but to add that finishing touch that really stands out, decoration is the answer.  

But with so many decoration options available to you, picking which one is right for your brand can seem like a trial in itself. So, to give a helping hand, our experts have put together the top decoration trends of 2023 

Tangibility is a huge factor when it comes to creating a (literal) luxury feel in packaging, and that extends through to glass bottles. A great way to create this effect in glass packaging is through adding texture to the bottle. Whilst glass is naturally shiny and smooth, it is possible to create beautiful texture through the use of decoration techniques.  

A great example of how texture can be created on glass is the Chase Vodka bottle. Our decoration facility utilised a combination of print on top of embossing to depict a pattern of the roots of a potato encasing the bottle, telling the story of the spirit within. The combination of both print and embossing gives the bottle a dimensional, layered texture effect to add to the premiumisation of the glass packaging for its range of gins and vodkas.  

In addition to these techniques, you could also look at the different effects that embossing and debossing can create, something our friends at Hoxton Spirits have made an incredibly beautiful bottle texture out of.  

Colour has a huge effect on packaging and can be a brilliant way to add a little edge to your bottles. Not only can adding colour to your bottle help elevate your packaging and further showcase your brand, giving your brand a little refresh, it also is a beautiful way to create differentiation within product lines.  

We have differentiated themselves within the market by having the bottles sprayed with organic inks and screen printed with UV inks. Different colours are used across their range of spirits to showcase the diversification in their range.  Whilst colour can be added in the glass manufacturing process, the bottles are sprayed in their range of colours, removing the need of working through the bottle design and development process for each flavour, adding an element of ease.  

Another way to emulate your brand in your glass packaging decoration is through the use of print. There are a multitude of different printing techniques that can be used to add extra depth to your bottle such as screen printing. Adding patterns through print can elevate even the simplest of bottle designs and is a great option for those using off-the-shelf bottles but still wanting that extra oomph from their packaging.  

When it comes to printed bottles,  has to be The White Stag whisky from Isle of Arran Distillers. The bottle is sprayed in a striking matt black before being screen-printed with a beautifully designed white stag adorned with barley in the stag’s antlers and scenes from Arrans countryside. The white screen-printing over the matt black bottle base offers the perfect contrast, creating an incredibly remarkable bottle.  

Our decoration team is here to add those finishing touches that will give your bottle that stand out look.Our cutting-edge in-house facilities offer a range of printing techniques through automatic and semi-automatic processes as well as spray painting finishes in every colour of the rainbow. 

Find out more about our extensive packaging decoration techniques on our decoration page, or contact a member of the team if you have any questions!