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Custom Glass Bottle With Decal


  A custom bottle design is one of the best ways of making your brand stand out among the countless other products on the shelf.

  Especially when you bought mold bottles which kind bottles many people used .

Decal is one option ,with colorful colors, distinctive design.It can make your bottle stand out from the crowd and highlight your brand and features.

  All the information your may provide is :

  1.the information you want to show on the decal

  2.the color or pictures

  3.the precisely size of decal

  The designer will design the decals same as you need ,then send us the high-resolution digital files.

  The decal is hand-applied with a squeegee,the steps of apply decals :

  1.The bottles must be cleaned,put the decal paper into pure water to saturation, it should not be soaked for a long time.

  2.After the paper is attached to the surface of the product, it is scraped back and forth with elastic scraping, and the colorless thin plastic film is squeezed out with water and air in the interlayer of the bottler surface, make sure the decal paper is free from wrinkles and the pattern is not broken.

  3.After the decal paper is dried, it is baked in a baking oven, and the baking temperature is determined according to the melting temperature of the decal.

  Samples are showing below,hope it is useful for you.