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The Role of Glass Bottle with Coating


Glass bottle with coating is ubiquitous in everyday life, and they are basically used in beverage packaging, but there is also a layer of coating on the surface of these glass bottles, which is characterized by simple process, high production efficiency, low cost, can be installed in the production line, the implementation of spraying mechanization, automation. The correct and effective application of hot end and cold end surface treatment is a major factor in ensuring good performance in the transport, storage, transportation and other processes of glass bottles in the plant.


 The surface treatment of the glass bottle with coating is to attach a meager tin oxide coating to the surface of the glass tank outside the molded hot end, and then spray a water-soluble polyethylene coating on the outer surface of the glazed cold end after annealing. This coating can reduce the wear and impact of the glass surface. Thus it is also more and more practical in the life.