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750ml Liquor Glass Bottle


In the 21st century, the fast-paced lifestyle has made people more and more eager for their own leisure time, to get away from the busy work and life to take a break, many people choose to go to the bar or have a drink at home.Then many distillery have emerged. There are also many alcoholic products on the market, such as Rum, Whiskey, Vodka, and a variety of wines. They uses glass bottles to hold the liquid, the highest use of which is the 750ml liquor glass bottle.


How to make products stand out in a wide range of products on shelves, the distillery spend a lot of thought, especially in the design of the bottle, including the bottle with embossed effect, or plain bottle with different post-processing, such as: silk screen, decal, spray prainting, hot stamping, frosted, distinctive labels, etc. Through these designs, to convey their product ideas, each bottle also gives a different meaning.

The following product is a 750ml liquor glass bottle that we provide to our customer. Let me introduce this bottle to you.


1.High flint glass bottle, 750ml capacity with bar top. Smooth shoulder lines, slender bottle neck, looks beautiful.

2.Plain bottle with spraying, make the bottle shinning, transparent gradient paint, still see through when the bottle is full of liquid.

3.Silk screen on bottle body. Company logo and information to make people know more message of the liquid, and company who produce this liquid.

If you are interested in more decoration of glass bottle, please follow our website.