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Bottle Tray Packaging is Widely Used


At present, bottle tray packaging is widely used, in the long-term production process, people found that the use of tray packaging bottles have a few things to pay attention to.


1. Quality of tray: material selection, can use pine wood to avoid poplar;Select the floor with a thickness of about 15mm, and control the 8 legs of the towing tray at a side length of about 10cm;If drag cross-legged side is long in 7~8 centimeters, do not suit to install hag bottle.

2 drag the parchment paper: the most appropriate drag parchment paper, 4 corners sew into a carton, with both hands up very stiff, if the end immediately out of shape or not up at all, that drag the parchment material is very poor, it is best not to apply;If make do with the application, small mouth bottle also line point, if the bottle comes in with a gap, the outside after the package with a tight, the bottle gap can be dragged through the parchment.

3. Bag-belt batching: try to select the new generation of materials to make the packing belt, to prevent the acquisition of materials, because the compressive strength of recycled particles is very low, when the hard brake is easy to rupture the tray, even if it continues at that time, in the tray event of shipping or unloading process, the damage of rupture is quite big;The bag of the new generation of materials with bright colors, bright quality, no burrs, the whole plate with no pungent smell;With a 1.2m wide surface, it is safer to tie a "belt" with a high lift.

4. Wrapping film: in the glass bottle factory, if the pallet is particularly crooked before loading, the quicker way is to wrap more wrapping film, so the pallet should be wrapped several times!

5. Towing plate cover: the effect is to prevent precipitation from entering and temporary exposure to the sun;If water enters the tray and the tray is soaked through and spreads out, the entire tray is at risk of being tilted;Therefore, the cap must be applied, and as strong as possible;

6. Towing tray height to width ratio: some bottle products have large upper and small lower or big inside with small sides, which leads to a large space in the middle of the glass bottle and uneven playing support. Playing high support is easy to skew.