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The spraying technology of glass bottle is introduced



   The glass bottle spraying production line is generally composed of spray room, hanging chain and oven.There is also the front water treatment, glass bottles need to pay special attention to the problem of sewage discharge.As for the quality of the glass bottle spraying quality, is related to water treatment, the surface of the workpiece cleaning, the electrical conductivity of the hook, the size of gas, the number of powder spraying, the level of operators.The following methods are recommended for trial use:

    The first processing

    The treatment section of glass bottle before spraying includes pre-stripping, main stripping, table adjustment, etc. If it is in the north, the temperature of main stripping part should not be too low, and insulation is needed.Otherwise, the treatment effect is not ideal;

    Preheating section

    After the pretreatment, it will enter the preheating section, which generally takes 8 ~ 10 minutes. The glass bottle had better make the sprayed workpiece have some residual heat when arriving at the powder spraying chamber, so as to increase the adhesion of powder.