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What's Tumble Packing?



If you're reading this, chances are that you're ordering less than a full case of bottles, jars, or  some other type of amazing packaging. While this is totally cool with us you should know that this means your items will likely be tumble packed. So how does this affect your items? You should know what that means for your packed glass. You see many of our glass items come packed neatly and comfortably as in this photo

下载 (1).jpg

This is what you would see if you ordered in full case quantities. It's evenly distributed and snug, perfect for transporting. However when it comes to less than a full case these glass bottles are tumble packed. Taken from their original case and repacked as we'll illustrate through a series of photos.

下载 (2).jpg

Your bottles first counted by weight and then place (or tumbled) into a plastic bag.

下载 (3).jpg

This bag of bottles is tightened around the bottles to keep jostling, shifting, and unwanted movement to a minimum.

下载 (4).jpg

A second bag is placed around your bottles and tied off for an extra layer of protection

下载 (5).jpg

This is also tightened to secure the bottles in place

下载 (6).jpg

Next a box is prepared with foam packing material at the bottom.

下载 (7).jpg

More packing material is used to further secure these bottles before they come to you.

下载 (8).jpg

The finishing touches of tape and a label and you're bottles are ready to go.