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Glass bottle production process flow


Glass, as a packaging material with a long history, has evolved from being rare in ancient times to a necessity in our daily lives with the advancement of technology. Despite the influx of many packaging materials into the market, glass containers still occupy an important position in packaging, which is inseparable from their packaging characteristics that cannot be replaced by other packaging materials.

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Glass is widely used in modern times and has always been a highly demanded product in the market. By using specific processing techniques, we can not only fully utilize the characteristics of glass, but also compensate for its shortcomings, no longer constrained by its natural properties.


You can't guess how it was made with such a magical glass bottle, can you?

So, the editor will tell you:


The production process of glass bottles mainly includes


① Ingredients process.

Ingredient mainly includes: quartz sand, Calcite, soda ash, broken glass, etc. are put into the mixer for automatic batching and feeding. All furnaces in the company adopt fully automatic batching.


② Melting process

The melting process mainly includes these processes: flue - regenerative chamber - furnace - working pool - material channel. Our company adopts advanced natural gas energy-saving horseshoe flame furnace.

The mixture is fed into the furnace for high-temperature heating (1550-1600 degrees) to form a uniform, bubble free liquid glass that meets the molding requirements.


③ Forming process

The main molding machine adopts the domestic advanced Sanjin electronic Determinant bottle making machine. After being refined into liquid glass from the furnace, a series of forming processes are carried out, mainly including: material channel - feeder - distributor - row and column machine, to make the required shape of glass products.


④ Annealing process

The annealing furnace adopts advanced and environmentally friendly electric heating annealing furnace.

After the glass material is processed by a row and column machine, it is then processed through annealing, quenching, and other processes to eliminate or generate internal stress, phase separation, or crystallization in the glass, as well as to change the structural state of the glass.


⑤ Cold spray process.

After annealing, it enters the cold end spraying process to increase the transparency and smoothness of the bottle, making the surface of the bottle wear-resistant and providing good protection for the appearance of the bottle


⑥ Inspection

Every glass bottle produced by Huaxing must undergo strict inspection before leaving the factory, and we are responsible for each bottle.


⑦ Packaging

Glass bottles are fragile, and Huaxing provides diversified packaging according to customer requirements to ensure that the bottles are not fragile during transportation.


⑧ Shipping

Our glass has advanced technology, advanced equipment, and wisdom to produce batches of high-quality glass bottles, benefiting thousands of households, with an annual output of 3.39 million tons.


After the above several processes, each unique shaped glass bottle has been made, is it an increase in knowledge.