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Transforming Abandoned Wine Bottles into Art Cup Wax


Many red wine bottles and foreign wine bottles have beautiful designs. Do you throw them away every time you finish drinking? In fact, with a slight modification, they can still emit light and heat in your home!


Candles Born Due to the Power of Environmental Protection


According to a survey, 94% of consumers prefer glass bottled wine, which is generally non degradable. Only 2% of the thousands of discarded glass wine bottles worldwide can be recycled and reused every year. So some environmentalists began collecting discarded wine bottles and recreating them in order to reduce environmental pollution.

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There is never waste in the world, it's just that people put it in the wrong place. "Two Latvian girls, Ieva Dexter and Elina Cima, integrate fragrance candles into the concept of environmental protection. They recycle a large number of red wine bottles from hotels in Europe and America, using emerald green glass bottles that emit a strong aroma of wine, to make MUNIO's classic cup wax and Bordeaux cup wax containers.

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Of course, the process is also very rigorous. They hand over the recycled wine bottles to a professional glass master for manual cutting and polishing of the bottle mouth, maintaining the original color and material of the wine bottles.


Life itself is full of this unpredictable beauty. The color of wine bottles is not necessarily the same. They are roughly divided into light green to dark green, which increases the interest. When you buy candles of the same fragrance type, the color of the wine bottle you buy depends entirely on fate.

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