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RTD No- and Low-Alcohol Beverages—How to Stand Out from the Crowd

What makes these beverages convenient and enjoyable aside from the drink varieties and flavor options? Their packaging. Most RTD no- and low-alcohol beverage brands must choose between aluminum cans and glass bottles as standard packaging options. To make that choice, they have to consider decorating options, production costs, sustainability, compatibility constraints, supply chain availability and what attracts their target audience.

When it comes to choosing a RTD beverage, we discovered that portability and packaging design are key choice factors among consumers. But what does that mean for brands?

Glass may be an appropriate choice for brands seeking a more premium presentation. Cans, on the other hand, are more ideal for those whose target audience wants a drink with functionality because they can be used in places where glass is often prohibited. Some brands want their product to be visible through the packaging and opt for a glass bottle, whereas others want to showcase their branding artwork by using a printed or sleeved can. Because of their ability to be infinitely recycled, aluminum cans might also be a more appealing packaging choice for brands with an environmentally conscious target audience.

Along with branding and functionality, supply chain availability is frequently a deciding factor, especially for newer brands entering the market. It’s important to partner with a packaging supplier who’s able to source unique packaging solutions that fit every business need and attract the target audience.

Why Phoenix Packaging

At Phoenix Packaging, we are uniquely positioned to assist brands in determining the best packaging option for their RTD no- and low-alcohol product. Our team of experts design packaging solutions that meet brands’ aesthetic, functional, compatibility, and volume requirements. By working with hundreds of manufacturers worldwide, we can source complete packaging solutions and provide comprehensive services to help any brand stand out from the competition.