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Have You Considered a Bespoke Packaging Design for Your Product?


Your product design is a large part of what will sell your product. You could have the greatest product with the richest flavours, and the best marketing team possible, but if your packaging lets your product down, your sales will suffer. At the same time, your brand needs to stand out amongst a sea of competitors. Sometimes, bespoke packaging is the best option to truly make your product stand out. If you’ve not considered it before, here are some reasons why you might want to consider a bespoke packaging design for your product:

More targeted branding

Designing your product from scratch gives you the opportunity to design something that is completely targeted towards your target audience. For example, if your target audience is young women drinking rosé, your packaging will need to be very different compared with a male craft beer drinker. Designing a bespoke bottle and label will enable you to target your audience by appealing to your market trends and reflecting your brand’s ethos and quality.

Stand out amongst competitors

Bespoke branding allows you to take different elements of your competitors’ branding and use the most successful and effective parts within your own. Are your competitors using multifunctional packaging or sourcing sustainable materials? You can pick and choose what works for your product and create something completely unique and interesting.

Decide what important to you

If sustainability is a priority for you, bespoke packaging enables you to explore greener packaging options such as Croxsons’ Rightweight glass bottles. On the other hand, if affordability is important to you, you can source more cost-effective packaging choices. If you’re aiming for a more premium feel, you can opt for high-end glass bottles for your product.

Show off your product

Whatever it is that you feel your product is, in essence, should be communicated by your packaging. The design you use should reflect the taste and type of packaging, as well as your brand and the heart behind it. Emphasize specific things about your product through colour, typography and ultimately, your choice of glass bottle.

Finishing touches for your glass bottles

The finish of your product is important too – and your closures are an important part of this. Do you want a screw top or cork bottle? Perhaps your brand of beer would be more authentic with crown caps. Bespoke design gives you the chance to experiment with different options and produce a finished design that is exactly what you are looking for.

Premium bespoke packaging design

We have delivered a wide range of bespoke client products. It can be difficult for producers to manufacture their product in numbers under 500,000 units, which is not always possible for smaller businesses, or those just starting out.

We offer bespoke orders starting from only 20,000 units to give our customers the chance to design and produce the best possible packaging to make their product stand out.