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Which Closures Should You Choose for Your Brand?


Whether you’re designing a new product, or rebranding an existing one, closures are the thing that completes the overall packaging. They provide a finishing touch and add to the overall feel and appearance, so it’s important to select closures that reflect your brand, the type of product, and the impression that you are aiming for. So what are your options?

Corks come in different varieties

Corks are the most infamous bottle closure of choice. Mostly found being used for wine, prosecco and champagne, it is extremely versatile, and can be sourced naturally, pressed or synthetically. Cork is most commonly sourced from trees in Southern Europe, with the highest quality cork being determined by the smoothness of the surface.

Pressed cork is often sandwiched between two natural cork plates, although it is itself formed of a combination of resin and granulate. On the other hand, synthetic cork is the cheapest option to manufacture, which is made from a rubber/Teflon mix or a variation of polyaetheylene. These are the easiest corks to manipulate into different shapes and sizes, and they can be coloured.

Crown caps for beers

Crown caps are most commonly found on RTDs and beer bottles due to their ease of use for the customer. They are given the name “crown cap” as a reflection of their crown-like shape, and the fact that they are made of metal. These can be printed with a variety of colours and detailing for unique branding.

Glass options

Unlike cork, glass stoppers are an option which will not affect the taste of the product inside at all. Glass stoppers provide a high quality option with a synthetic seal, and these are specifically designed for wine bottles and other high end products.

Swing stoppers for resealable containers

Swing stoppers, characterised by their swinging bracket and rubber seal, are ideal for resealing products so that they are air tight. This is ideal for large bottles designed to be shared, and Croxsons stocks a range of swing stoppers specially designed for beers in the traditional amber colour, as well as a clear range for all other products.

Screw caps are the most popular

As closures go, screw caps are the most popular choice for many products. This is due to their cost-effective manufacturing as well as the option to be made from aluminium or synthetic. They allow greater design opportunities as they can be printed on, imbued, lacquered and die-cast. These are predominantly used for wine brands but are versatile to suit many spirits bottles too.

Choosing closures for your brand

The closures that you choose will ultimately need to reflect your product – for example if you are producing wine, you should be choosing between cork and screw top closures. Your target audience will also affect your choice and your manufacturing budget will also have an impact since some closures are cheaper to manufacture. Order some samples to see which would be the best fit for your brand.